Google PageRank Update 2010: Last and Next

What is Google PageRank Update i.e Google PR Update?
Google PageRank update as the name suggests means updation of your PageRank by Google i.e updating your website's old PageRank and assigning your website a new Google PageRank.Though the update of PR does not have significant effect on Google rankings but still people anxiously wait for the update.

Google PageRank Update 2009 - 2010:Last and Next
January 2010 saw an update to Google’s page rank algorithm on 31 December 2009 and as such some sites have noticed either a positive or negative change to their own page rank. Page Rank has been around longer than Google has been a household name, with updates on the algorithm made on an in-frequent basis. It seems that over time the functionality has changed a fair bit, but the original formula still very much applies when it comes to determining new ranking after an update.

That full page rank algorithm was created by Larry Page at Stanford and is as follows:
PR = 0.15 + 0.85 ( PR(Backlink 1)/TotalLinks(Backlink 1) + PR(Backlink 2)/TotalLinks(Backlink 2) + … + PR(Backlink X)/TotalLinks(Backlink X) )

Most website owners and SEO programmer know that you want high PR pages to improve site authority and from there a site traffic increase should follow. Google prides itself on an ever changing and highly adaptable model, designed to improve and advance the performance of its search algorithm and ultimately the user experience. The majority of changes to the Page Rank algorithm are tweak and nips, but sadly Google don’t release the specifics, so effectively navigating this new update is a process of educated trial and error.
However, what we feel is that with Google Caffeine and the latest update is there more focus on relevant / up to date content, so if you don’t have a blog on your site and trying to get rankings you are sadly behind the times.
Search Engine Optimisation is not an exact science and this months’ page rank update is just as mysterious as the last. What is clear is that Google releases algorithm updates based on data collated and user feedback, so ultimately Google should have everyone’s best interests at heart.

Google Last PageRank Update
Last Google PageRank update was done on New Years Eve of 2010.Some relatively new websites have achieved much higher rank after this update.The next PageRank update will be scheduled by Google somewhere between February-March-April period,as update is displayed for public viewing every 4 months by Google but Google also has a habit of displaying fresh PageRank on or around New Year.In case of any early updates by Google ,readers will be notified.

Why Google doesn't Update my Website's PageRank?
It is generally a misconception that Google does not update your PageRank. You might still see the same PageRank which you have been initially assigned by Google but that does not mean that Google is not updating your PageRank. Your PageRank update is currently being processed at the Google data centers while you are reading this article.But it will be displayed only after four months for public viewing .Actually Google updates your PageRank everyday depending on the popularity of your site i.e. the number of high quality incoming links you get,yes,
PageRank is updated everyday at Google but it is only displayed quarterly for public viewing.

So, in the mean time, try to get more incoming links,so that you improve your Google PageRank.If you want the next PageRank update to bring happy news for you then try and get more incoming links before the next update is scheduled for public display.


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I really like this blog and you are given here.Really Interesting post.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep it up.Keep blogging.

Bilete avion said...

I find this very valuable as it makes me feel comfortable about my own ideas about page rank. Also i am not 100% sure that this formula you posted actually works.
Anyway i really hope we don't have to wait much longer for the next update
Thanks !

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