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Google Pagerank Update Prediction For 2010

Google PR Update Prediction For 2010
By now, most of us already know that Google page rank (PR) update takes place every 3-4 months once. I am not a big fan of page rank but it is still a good measurement to calculate number of quality backlink a site or page received. Pagerank is still one of the measurement factor in setting advertising value for a website or blog. Most advertisers still prefer to get a dofollow backlink from high PR relevant quality sites. Although, Google don’t allow us to sell or buy links with dofollow which may lead to penalties, there are still many bloggers and webmasters sells links that passes PR juice. Most advertisers believe that nofollow tag added link have no value at all.

Anyway, it is truly depend on the advertiser and webmaster to sell or buy dofollow links. Penalties from Google can lead to pagerank drop or pagerank removal completely regardless of 3-4 months period. It won’t take 3 or 4 months for Google to give penalty to site. This means page rank update will take place for 3 to 4 times a year. If your site drops in pagerank not during the major pagerank update means your site might get some sort of Google penalty. Let’s talk about the history of pagerank prediction. For last two years, Google updated pagerank widely to most website and blogs online just before New Year.

I have noticed that twice, once by end of 2008 and the other end of 2009. So, my guess will be the same for 2010 too. I have seen four updates taken place in year 2008 and 2009. I assume there will be four updates in 2010 too. Since, last update done before New Year that is 31st December 2009, next pagerank update most probably will take place by 31st March 2010. If Google follow that 4 months once update, then the next pagerank update will take place by 30th April 2010. The reading of following pagerank update will be adding another 90 to 120 days from March or April 2010. The same cycle goes for every pagerank update. Below is the next page rank update prediction for year 2010.

First Page Rank Update: 31st February/March 2010 – 30th April 2010

Second Page Rank Update: 30th June 2010 – 31st July 2010

Third Page Rank Update: 30th September 2010 – 31st October 2010

Fourth Page Rank Update: 31st December 2010


Rony said…
Correct, Just at the beginning of this year i.e 2010 there was a PR update from Google…I have seen many blogs receiving PR gain. eagerly waiting for the next update

Martin Lee said…
Hi, I'm a newbie as a Blogger, and I've been waiting for the PR update, I've tried to earn many good backlink from high PR site so when d day Google update my site's PR I'll be surprised with the good result. I hope so. thx
I found a lot of worthy things from this post. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging. Looking forward to reading your next post.Keep it up.Keep blogging.
I have been awaiting the next page update myself. A little fearful that my best blogs will drop while hoping other blogs improve.
roses delivery said…
I have noticed this couple of times a year.
Thanks for the information. such a very informative blog.
rheeantz said…
thanks for the prediction, now i;ll be waiting for the next update by this prediction, because my blog is new and i want to get some PR ...

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