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Best Tips for Creating Natural Backlinks

Best Tips & Strategies for Creating Natural Profile Backlinks
Follow the tips below the help keep your link profile as natural looking as possible.

1. Vary Your Anchor Text

Targeting one specific term and building links with exactly the same anchor text and description is never a good idea. Instead try to gain links that have varied versions of your preferred anchor text. For example, if your main term was “online college degrees” you might also target; ‘college degrees online’, ‘online colleges and degrees’ and even ‘degrees and colleges online’. Also get some links that are just straight URLs (and even images) as not every site would naturally link to you using anchor text or keywords.

2. Don’t Focus on Just Pages with High PageRank

Again, in the natural realm of things, not every site that links to yours would have high PR (or even any PR). Don’t be afraid to ask for, or spend your money, on backlinks from pages that are of good quality and indexed, but maybe don’t have oodles of Pa…

List of Useful Search Engine Optimization Tools

List of Useful Search Engine Optimization Tools
Here are the site list/online tools which are most useful to your SEO journey.

For Checking Meta Tags

For Checking Duplicate Content

For Deep Analysis of website

For Checking Web page download speed

For checking Link Popularity

For Page Rank Analysis

For Searching Blogs/Blog search engines

For Creating Site-map

General Search Engine Optimization Tool…

Google Page Rank Update: 3 April 2010

Google Pagerank (PR) Update For April 2010 Has Happened on 3 April 2010
As we expected that Google will update page rank i.e PR in April 2010 and today finally on 3 April 2010 Google rolled out Page rank for everyone. Seems like this time page rank comes as a good news for every one. One of my website got Page rank=2 and another one in different niche managed to get Page rank=3.

Last time we discussed on Google page rank update 2010 or Google PR update 2010 and many users added that they don’t really care about Page rank and only traffic means a lot to them.

I would still love to know your opinion on your latest PR updates and do let us know your changes in Page Rank, whether they were Good or Bad?

How to Fix scratched CD's with Toothpaste

If you've ever owned a CD or DVD, you've certainly had to deal with scratched up, unreadable media. Hardware Secrets has a simple solution:

A scratched CD can be recovered by polishing its plastic surface. If, after carrying out the above cleansing, the CD persists in giving reading errors, just polish the CD with toothpaste. That's right, toothpaste. It works wonders, and you won't spend a fortune buying professional cleaning kits.
Having learned this trick in college, I can vouch for it. Don't expect to recover your most damaged CDs, but you certainly can work a little magic. Anyone else have any good CD repair tips that work for them? Let us know in the comments or at tips at

Google Glitch Labels Internet Websites as Malware

Google Search Malware Glitch
Google Mistakenly Labels The Internet as Malware.
Google, the leading search engine has hit a glitch, a very crippling glitch that at the time of this post is labeling every single website on the internet as malware. Twitter, blogs, forums and other online gathering spots are alive with talk of the Google glitch with search engine traffic from Google now non existent as the problem affects, every country, every OS and every browser.

Even the Google domain is being labeled as Malware
Edit: – As quickly as how it started the glitch has ended. Google search results are no longer labeling all results as malware and the buzz is begining to subside.

How to Make Money with Google Knol using Adsense

Knol is Google's new Wikipedia, where anyone can post their own articles (also known as knols).

Get Started:
To start making money, you need to create a knol. To do this you will need to sign in with your Gmail account or create a new one. Then you will need to register with adsense, which is google's ads publishing program. Now, once you have published a knol and adsense ads are enabled, relevant ads will appear next to your articles. When people read your articles and click on your ads, you will get paid for each click.

How much Money can I make?
It all depends on how many times your ads are clicked and what the topic of your article is. For example, if your article is about health insurance you'll get more money per click than an article about free wallpapers. So start writing articles about different topics, to see which can earn you the most money.

Free Traffic
If you take advantage of your articles, you'll find it possible to link to your own website or blog. Which…

What is a Googlebot?

Well today I’m going to have an interview with Googlebot. We are going to talk about Googlebot. Let’s call Googlebot as he. He is a celebrity in the internet. All of the webmasters are expecting for Googlebot visitation. They pimp their website to give a good impression. And today,…I’m going to interview the most expected robot for my blogger manual… Please welcome….Googlebot!

Googlebot : Hi….hello everybody….

Me : Wow, thanks for your time…. How are you today?

Googlebot : Oh…I’m fine…thanks for asking

Me : And what is your activity presently?

Googlebot : Well, you know….I patrol all over the web to find a new webpage and decide the pagerank for the whole webpages. Do you have any webpages?

Me : Oh…yes! I’ll publish this interview on my blogger manual blog?

Googlebot : Oh,…may I know your URL….

Me : My URL is . Do you know it?

Googlebot : Oh…sure…I have your URL in my directories. Unfortunatelly, I’ve just decreased the pagerank for your homepage?

Me : Hahahaha…never…


Search Engine Optimization is not an easy thing, and there is no guarantee that your efforts will bring a good result. I’m a beginner in this blogging world, but I think God helps me to understand about this stuff.

Before you start the whole process, I just want you to know that as a beginner you will need a lot of luck to win the competition. But the most important to make you win the competition is the knowledge. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a combination of a lot activity. One single mistake can make the whole process worthless.

So, I’ll explain the whole process step by step.

#1 Step…Preparation
Consider it that you don’t have any blog, and you’re going to create your first blog. The first activity to be done is to choose your blog’s theme. What topic you are going to write in your blog? For example your topic is Home Based Business
Next activity is to create your blog in blogger.…

How to Fix Custom Favicons for Blogger Blogs

Fixing Custom Favicons for Blogger Blogs

Many Blogger users have reported that their custom favicon has suddenly been replaced with the default orange Blogger favicon.

The reason for this is that the 'all-head-content' includable (the content generated for page headers when your blog is viewed in a browser) has been updated to include the following line:

<link href='' rel='icon' type='image/'/>

Thankfully, there is an easy "fix" for this issue!

Simply locate the line(s) of code you have added to your Blogger template to reference your custom Favicon, and move these just before the closing </head> tag in your template.

The reason this trick works is because the code to reference your custom favicon appears after the lines added by Blogger to reference the Blogger favicon. In all HTML documents, code which appears later in the mark-up takes precedence over any tags which appear earlier (u…

Pixel Submission in SEO

Yes today I m talking about Pixel Submission in SEO. Have you heard this before ?

Frankly saying, I dint heard about before this post. So today I decided to search for it. This is what I got.

Pixel Submission in SEO:
There are several special sites which are offering you free or paid pixel submission for your site. That means such sites allocate some pixels of their site to post your website’s ad.

When I Google with the phrase “Free pixel ads”, I got following sites which are offering pixel submission.

How to do Pixel Submission?

(1) Choose pixels (place) where you want…

Download Beer Icons for Windows XP Desktop

Download Beer Icons for Windows XP Desktop for free here.

Website:LINK Click To Download

How to Change your Computer Desktop Icons

How Does Google Treat Duplicate Content & What are the Penalties??

How does Google see duplicate Content? Is there a Penalty?
Many webmasters are anxious to know the number of people who trust the rumor that Google will penalize your site for sharing content belonging to some other site.

It seems to be doing the rounds and for quite a while now, though little of it seems to be true.

Inspite of Google declaring that there was no such thing as a content duplication penalty, web surfers still believe it to be so. One has to realize that if the mighty ‘Google’ makes a statement, it surely must be true.

As far as people’s ignorance and misunderstandings are concerned, take a look at the image below. I found it at a website of an affiliate marketer trying to sell a product which promises SEO miracles. lol.

Coming back to the topic, in the case of duplicate content, the results are filtered from the search engines. However, it is indexed, so you just have to click once again to see what’s there.

This sure is capable of raising doubts, but it is necessary to keep …

DoFollow: Best Way of Link Building

Till now we have learnt different types of Submission Process, Optimization tactics, How to monetize the Traffic, Keyword research and many more. Now we are going to learn how to achieve an effective result by making best use of all these tactics. First of all we have to take a decision regarding selection of a web browser which can prove helpful for undertaking various SEO process. Hope Mozilla fire fox is one of the best available web browsers which provide all the necessary plug-in to undertake the process as an ease. Today I am going to talk about one such plug-in which will prove helpful to bifurcate between do follow link and No do follow link. Hope many of them will be already well-known with such attribute but some might be there who have just entered the field and are unknown about it then for them I will explain it in details what is meant by Do follow link and No do follow link and how they plays an important role in optimization process.

When you have a link on a certain pa…

People Shaping the Way We Look Internet and Technology Today

Top 15 People Who Changed the Internet
These are personalities that pioneered some of the most popular and widely used properties on the web.

The list mostly cited people who owns the top internet companies today which includes:

1. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Inc.)
2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Created World Wide Web)
3. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
4. Shawn Fanning (Napster, Rupture)
5. Kevin Rose (Digg, Revision3, Pownce)
6. Matt Mullenweg (WordPress, Automattic)
7. Bram Cohen (BitTorrent)
8. Pierre Omidyar (eBay, Omidyar Networks)
9. Mike Morhaime (Blizzard Entertainment – World of Warcraft)
10. Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)
11. Craig Newmark (Craigslist)
12. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (YouTube)
13. David Filo and Jerry Yang (Yahoo! Inc)
14. Jack Ma (Alibaba)
15. Jeff Preston Bezos (Amazon)

While I do not completely agree with the top 15 in the list, I think several other people deserve a spot in there:

Bill Gates (Microsoft) – mainly because of Internet Explorer. Let’s admit it, if it were not for the IE …

Google Pagerank Update Prediction For 2010

Google PR Update Prediction For 2010
By now, most of us already know that Google page rank (PR) update takes place every 3-4 months once. I am not a big fan of page rank but it is still a good measurement to calculate number of quality backlink a site or page received. Pagerank is still one of the measurement factor in setting advertising value for a website or blog. Most advertisers still prefer to get a dofollow backlink from high PR relevant quality sites. Although, Google don’t allow us to sell or buy links with dofollow which may lead to penalties, there are still many bloggers and webmasters sells links that passes PR juice. Most advertisers believe that nofollow tag added link have no value at all.

Anyway, it is truly depend on the advertiser and webmaster to sell or buy dofollow links. Penalties from Google can lead to pagerank drop or pagerank removal completely regardless of 3-4 months period. It won’t take 3 or 4 months for Google to give penalty to site. This means page rank…

Google PageRank Update 2010: Last and Next

What is Google PageRank Update i.e Google PR Update?
Google PageRank update as the name suggests means updation of your PageRank by Google i.e updating your website's old PageRank and assigning your website a new Google PageRank.Though the update of PR does not have significant effect on Google rankings but still people anxiously wait for the update.

Google PageRank Update 2009 - 2010:Last and Next
January 2010 saw an update to Google’s page rank algorithm on 31 December 2009 and as such some sites have noticed either a positive or negative change to their own page rank. Page Rank has been around longer than Google has been a household name, with updates on the algorithm made on an in-frequent basis. It seems that over time the functionality has changed a fair bit, but the original formula still very much applies when it comes to determining new ranking after an update.

That full page rank algorithm was created by Larry Page at Stanford and is as follows:
PR = 0.15 + 0.85 ( PR(Backli…

Keyword Research Strategy - How to Research Your Keyword Using Tools

How to Research Your Keyword Context
Keyword research posts are numerous, however it is seldom brought to attention that it is not enough to just determine keyword phrases that people use to search for your topic. What else should be researched is your core term environment. What do I mean by that?

Words cannot be viewed in isolation. Words are only single units that build sentences and phrases. By looking at word units and phrases in isolation, we miss a huge part of the whole picture. How can keyword context be helpful?

*Explore neighboring terms (get a deeper understanding of the niche);
*Make your writing richer and more varied (and thus end up targeting more words);
*See the words in live context (create timely content that will be interesting to people, “speak the language of your audience”).
Let’s have a look at a few tools you can use to figure your core term context.

Research the SERPs context:
SenSebot offers a semantic analysis of Google SERP and creates a summary of it as well …

How to SEO Videos – Tips and Tactics for Optimizing Online Videos

Video Marketing Tactics- Video Search Engine Optimization
Best 10 Tactics for Video Optimization:
1. Use the Keyword in the Title. Make the Title sound interesting.
2. Write approx 2 paragraphs of text for the Description.
3. Tag each video with keywords.
4. Choose proper category for each video.
5. It’s best to put a hyperlink to the target page within the Description, but before the user needs to click (more info) to see the hyperlink.
6. Upload all videos to multiple video sites (Youtube, Viddler, etc)
7. Comments help by showing interest, and by additional user-generated content (more words on the page).
8. Video responses show interest/activity.
9. Rating. Try to get as many 5 star ratings as you can
10. Views, views, and more views.

Treat the video as you would any other webpage, and begin a Link building optimization to increase the amount of Inbound links. Ideally, your objective is to increase Link popularity and Link relevancy. While building links for your off-site optimization, try…

How and When does Backlinks Take Effect?

Different Search Engines follow their own approach on how to assign value to a particular backlink. The values could be based on the quality of the backlink website as well as the competition. As soon as Google Bots detects & assign values to your backlink, you can see the changes in the SERPs results. Older backlinks do carry a more weight than the newer ones. To find out whether a link is counted, the first place to check is the Google-cache. In SEO, it's believed that good, quality links can affects the SERPs within 48 hours. Backlinks from High PR pages carry a lot more weight than the pages with lower values. Thus, Backlinks play an important role for higher search engine rankings.

Also, Link Operator i.e of Google is not fully reliable. Do check with an external link popularity services such as:

Why Did Google Unindexed My Website

Google Special Report: Google's Unindexed URLs
Google's Unindexed URLs: An Example
This page gives an example of Google's unindexed Web pages and how they look in the results list. As of Dec. 2001, Google says that about 500 million of its 2 billion records are unindexed Web documents. These are URLs for Web pages (or for other file types such as PDF or PowerPoint files) which Google has not crawled and indexed. The screen shot below is an example from March 7, 2002.

Why did Google punish my website?
How to Identify
The unindexed URLs are easy to spot when the occasionally appear in Google's results. They have all the following characteristics:

No extract
No page size
And no cached copy of the page
If they are just missing the extract and/or the cached copy, they have probably been indexed. Only the ones missing all three have not been fully indexed.

Types of Orphans
So what are these orphans of Google? They may be any of the following kinds of pages.

dead links
inaccurate …