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List of Useful Search Engine Optimization Tools

List of Useful Search Engine Optimization Tools
Here are the site list/online tools which are most useful to your SEO journey.

For Checking Meta Tags

For Checking Duplicate Content

For Deep Analysis of website

For Checking Web page download speed

For checking Link Popularity

For Page Rank Analysis

For Searching Blogs/Blog search engines

For Creating Site-map

General Search Engine Optimization Tool…

Google Page Rank Update: 3 April 2010

Google Pagerank (PR) Update For April 2010 Has Happened on 3 April 2010
As we expected that Google will update page rank i.e PR in April 2010 and today finally on 3 April 2010 Google rolled out Page rank for everyone. Seems like this time page rank comes as a good news for every one. One of my website got Page rank=2 and another one in different niche managed to get Page rank=3.

Last time we discussed on Google page rank update 2010 or Google PR update 2010 and many users added that they don’t really care about Page rank and only traffic means a lot to them.

I would still love to know your opinion on your latest PR updates and do let us know your changes in Page Rank, whether they were Good or Bad?

How to Fix scratched CD's with Toothpaste

If you've ever owned a CD or DVD, you've certainly had to deal with scratched up, unreadable media. Hardware Secrets has a simple solution:

A scratched CD can be recovered by polishing its plastic surface. If, after carrying out the above cleansing, the CD persists in giving reading errors, just polish the CD with toothpaste. That's right, toothpaste. It works wonders, and you won't spend a fortune buying professional cleaning kits.
Having learned this trick in college, I can vouch for it. Don't expect to recover your most damaged CDs, but you certainly can work a little magic. Anyone else have any good CD repair tips that work for them? Let us know in the comments or at tips at

Google Glitch Labels Internet Websites as Malware

Google Search Malware Glitch
Google Mistakenly Labels The Internet as Malware.
Google, the leading search engine has hit a glitch, a very crippling glitch that at the time of this post is labeling every single website on the internet as malware. Twitter, blogs, forums and other online gathering spots are alive with talk of the Google glitch with search engine traffic from Google now non existent as the problem affects, every country, every OS and every browser.

Even the Google domain is being labeled as Malware
Edit: – As quickly as how it started the glitch has ended. Google search results are no longer labeling all results as malware and the buzz is begining to subside.

How to Make Money with Google Knol using Adsense

Knol is Google's new Wikipedia, where anyone can post their own articles (also known as knols).

Get Started:
To start making money, you need to create a knol. To do this you will need to sign in with your Gmail account or create a new one. Then you will need to register with adsense, which is google's ads publishing program. Now, once you have published a knol and adsense ads are enabled, relevant ads will appear next to your articles. When people read your articles and click on your ads, you will get paid for each click.

How much Money can I make?
It all depends on how many times your ads are clicked and what the topic of your article is. For example, if your article is about health insurance you'll get more money per click than an article about free wallpapers. So start writing articles about different topics, to see which can earn you the most money.

Free Traffic
If you take advantage of your articles, you'll find it possible to link to your own website or blog. Which…

What is a Googlebot?

Well today I’m going to have an interview with Googlebot. We are going to talk about Googlebot. Let’s call Googlebot as he. He is a celebrity in the internet. All of the webmasters are expecting for Googlebot visitation. They pimp their website to give a good impression. And today,…I’m going to interview the most expected robot for my blogger manual… Please welcome….Googlebot!

Googlebot : Hi….hello everybody….

Me : Wow, thanks for your time…. How are you today?

Googlebot : Oh…I’m fine…thanks for asking

Me : And what is your activity presently?

Googlebot : Well, you know….I patrol all over the web to find a new webpage and decide the pagerank for the whole webpages. Do you have any webpages?

Me : Oh…yes! I’ll publish this interview on my blogger manual blog?

Googlebot : Oh,…may I know your URL….

Me : My URL is . Do you know it?

Googlebot : Oh…sure…I have your URL in my directories. Unfortunatelly, I’ve just decreased the pagerank for your homepage?

Me : Hahahaha…never…


Search Engine Optimization is not an easy thing, and there is no guarantee that your efforts will bring a good result. I’m a beginner in this blogging world, but I think God helps me to understand about this stuff.

Before you start the whole process, I just want you to know that as a beginner you will need a lot of luck to win the competition. But the most important to make you win the competition is the knowledge. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a combination of a lot activity. One single mistake can make the whole process worthless.

So, I’ll explain the whole process step by step.

#1 Step…Preparation
Consider it that you don’t have any blog, and you’re going to create your first blog. The first activity to be done is to choose your blog’s theme. What topic you are going to write in your blog? For example your topic is Home Based Business
Next activity is to create your blog in blogger.…

How to Fix Custom Favicons for Blogger Blogs

Fixing Custom Favicons for Blogger Blogs

Many Blogger users have reported that their custom favicon has suddenly been replaced with the default orange Blogger favicon.

The reason for this is that the 'all-head-content' includable (the content generated for page headers when your blog is viewed in a browser) has been updated to include the following line:

<link href='' rel='icon' type='image/'/>

Thankfully, there is an easy "fix" for this issue!

Simply locate the line(s) of code you have added to your Blogger template to reference your custom Favicon, and move these just before the closing </head> tag in your template.

The reason this trick works is because the code to reference your custom favicon appears after the lines added by Blogger to reference the Blogger favicon. In all HTML documents, code which appears later in the mark-up takes precedence over any tags which appear earlier (u…