Yahoo uses Authority and Trustrank

Is Yahoo Under the Influence of TrustRank?

Trustrank is a term coined by some Yahoo engineers to describe a new algorithm to determine relevant search results.

The new thing about Trustrank is that it does not solely count links like PageRank it’s based on but it also relies on authority.

Authority is measured by the proximity to a group of seed sites that are deemed to be authority sites.

It sounds complicated but in the end it’s simple: Let’s say is an authority site. A site x linked by is thus more authoritative than a site y that has been linked by site x or a site z that hasn’t been linked by any of those, Adobe, x or y. In this example y still inherits some authority from – Adobe trusts site x and site x trusts site y so that site y still must have some value.

Most people in the SEO industry assume that not only Yahoo employs Trustrank but Google as well without using the term maybe but inherently it’s the same concept.

How do you become an authority site? What are the actual factors of an authority site?

■links from the good seed sites or sites linked by such seed sites
■domain age, the older the better
■domain history, has a domain changed owners, topics, been used or misued for low quality content
■branding, does the domain have a brand and how often does that brand or domain name get mentioned
■cluster, a site belonging to a cluster of similar sites dealing with the same topic or is it an island
■hub, does the site link out to many other sites and is resource rich
■social media saturation, being prominent on social sites with votes by power accounts
■frequency, how often does a site offer new content
■integrity, broken links and images, other errors, high load times
■bad neighborhoods, does a site contain links to low quality sites or gets linked by such sites
■filters, does a site deal with topics like xxx, gambling, generic medicines
These are some of the aspects that are most likely determining your authority on the Web both from the user and a search engine perspective.
Most of these qualities can be acquired by SEO 2.0 others require good old SEO (1.0) best practices.

For instance you can get links from seed sites by applying the SEO 2.0 way of establishing relationships with others in your industry and beyond. On the other hand broken links require good old SEO 1.0 ways of checking them. Some of the above is not even considered SEO by many, for instance checking uptimes and security measures.

So you see there is much to do to become an authority site and to please an algorithm that employs some kind of Trustrank. I’m not the scientific SEO guy so I might be not very accurate in this list above but these are commom sense aspects of a functioning website that won’t hurt your site even in case the SEO benefits were marginal.

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Image Bookmarking Websites - Best Sites to Bookmark Your Favorite Images

14 Cool Sites to Bookmark Your Favorite Images on the Web

Bookmarking is one of the best feature of the web. Simply we visit some web page and if we like to share it others or to save it for later use we bookmark it. We can bookmark any link, a link can contain text, image or video. This is called social bookmarking.
I will write about social bookmarking sites in future today I am going to provide a good list of image bookmarking sites. Image bookmarking sites are only for image bookmarking, any image or picture we like we can bookmark it and share it with others.
When we bookmark any image or link we simply give it a suitable title, write a good description and tag it with relevant tags.

(1) Ffffound

Ffffound is top image bookmarking site only bad side of is that it is invitation only site, so I have not an account in Ffffound and no one invited me and I never requested to anyone. But no problem I have my accounts in some other IB sites.

(2) Weheartit

Weheartit is my favorite image bookmarking site and everyone’s favorite who is frustrated with Ffffound, it is similar to above site but a bit more attractive.


Visualizeus is another favorite image bookmarking site, and you do not need any invitation to join it. Its handy Firefox add-on allow you share an image with right click.

(4) Imgfave

Imgfave is another good IB site, you can join this site with Facebook connect and create your collections.

(5) Photoree

Photoree is an image bookmarking and recommendation system, You can suggest picture bookmark and rate. Photoree does not allow nudity.

(6) Typeish

Typeish is image bookmarking site and database showcasing in image form. I could not find how can I open an account and bookmark an image.

(7) Pichaus

Pichaus is an image sharing and bookmarking site, you can create your collection of bookmarks.

(8) Centerology

Centrology is image bookmarking with philosophy. If you can not found the stuff you are looking you can visit other similar sites.

(9) Dropular

Dropular is a good image bookmarking site, Dropular provides you nice way of exploring images.

(10) Vnovember

Vnovember is another good bookmarking site. It provides themes and plugins for creating your own Ffffound site or simply you can turn your simple wordpress blog’s look like ffffound.


Picforme’s homepage is full of Hollywood celebrities, it is social bookmarking service for images. You can bookmark, search, share and organize images.

(12) Rustywalrus

Rustwalrus is an easy image bookmarking site but problem with this website same as Ffffound.

(13) Girlfound

Girlfound is only for beautiful and sexy girl’s pictures, so you can bookmark only girls pictures.

(14) Carfound

Carfound is only for car’s bookmarking so you can bookmark only car’s image.

Simple Ways to Track What Your Readers Want

3 Ways Google Can Show What Your Readers Want

Well, what i'm telling you that Google has devised systems that allows you to tap into your readers’ psyche and magically predict which topics will interest them the most.
In fact, nothing is better for Google than for you to produce the type of content that people want to read. Every time you do, their search results get a little better. So they have really worked hard to provide tools which help you understand what topics are the most sought-after within your niche. Below are three free tools from Google along with tips for using them to improve your site:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides a great starting point for generating new content, because it can tell you what people already like about your site. As you look through the keywords that people have used to find your site in the search, pay close attention to the ones you have never really written about. If someone searched for this piece of information and the best they could find was an article that didn’t really answer their question, then you have just found a question worth answering on your site!

Search Based Keyword Tool
The next step is to look at the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool. If you have an Adwords campaign promoting your site, you can get keyword suggestions based directly on the content of your site. But this tool is still extremely useful if you don’t use Adwords.
What you’ll do is simply take the keywords that you identified from Google Analytics as being good topics for new articles, and plug them into the Google Keyword Tool. Google will show you related terms that people are searching for. This can help you understand what questions people need answered the most, so that you can make your new article as useful as possible.

Google Insights
Another great way to find related keywords is through Google Insights. This tool works a little differently than the search-based keyword tool in that it shows you recent search trends related to your topic. This is a great way to see which areas of your topic are becoming more popular with searchers. Being the first blogger to answer an important question can give your readership a tremendous boost in organic traffic as well as RSS subscriptions.

Google Is Your Best Friend
If you follow this process you will be able to attract more traffic naturally, because you will be creating articles that accurately reflect the needs of internet searchers. Google will be happy to send the traffic to you, because your new articles will answer the questions that people are looking to them for the answers to. They look good because you look good.

Top Rated Social Networking Sites in India

Which is the most popular social networking site in India? Its not Facebook, its Orkut. Comscore in its latest report tracked the top social networking sites in India, and found that global social networking brands like Orkut, Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn and MySpace continued to gain prominence in India during the year.
They elaborate that Orkut is the most visited social networking site in India this December 2008 with more than 12.8 million visitors, an increase of 81 percent from the previous year. In fact Orkut’s audience is three times its nearest competitor Facebook.

Social Networking Sites

Facebook is second most popular Indian social networking site with 4 million visitors, up 150 percent versus year ago. The third most popular social networking site is … surprise … Bharatstudent, with 3.3 million visitors (up 88 percent) followed by hi5 with 2 million visitors (up 182 percent).

Other popular networking sites in India featured in the list in descending order are ibibo, Myspace, LinkedIn, PerfSpot, BigAdda and Fropper. Now you have more sites to check out and track your friends.

List of Social Networking Sites in India

How To Choose Right Keywords For Your Blog

One of the important aspects of SEO is to choose right keywords for your blog because this helps to make your blog more visible in search engines. Visitors or people use different words when they search for online contents. The words they use to search are nothing but keywords.

So our challenge as bloggers is to make sure that you have the right keywords that relate to the topics your potential audience is searching for.

Now you might think how to know which keywords related to my topic people will look for. Well, there is not straight answer for this but with the help of some popular keyword research tools we can find out what kind of words they use frequently to search the online contents like yours.

Ok, with this basic idea now let’s get straight into some of the popular keyword research tools:

Wordtracker: Discover the best keywords for your website.

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool

Keyword Discovery: Provides keyword search stats from search engines.

Now using the above tools you can get an idea of popular keywords. You can use them when you write a post next time.

For example: I typed “SEO” in Google AdWords: Keyword Tool and it gave me so many keywords in which “ SEO Copywriting” was one and is an interesting keyword to use. It also shows that there were 3600 queries on a particular month which is also important when you decide on a keyword. Make sure that the keyword you choose have at least 1500 search queries.

So what is the key point?

The key point is that while you are busy writing articles on the most popular topics, do remember that these topics have the most competition among the search engines which means, you will be fighting against hundreds or thousands of bloggers or competitors to get the attention to your article.

It’s always a good strategy to focus on the less popular or rather would like to say the middle tier of the market because there will be less competition. Look at the 100th-200th most popular keywords or phrases from your keyword research tool and use it as the basis for your next set of articles. Remember good usage of keyword helps you bring traffic as well.

Simple Ways to Improve Internal Blog Linkings

It is important to have a good internal linking strategy is important for a few reasons:
a) It helps to increase page views and encourage readers to stay on your blog longer by providing attractive links to content that may interest them.
b) It helps to improve the search engine rankings for your posts.

Ok now let’s look at the 6 simple ways to improve the internal linking throughout your blog. Remember you need to put these into action and you’ll be well on your way to creating a more user-friendly blog along with improving your search engine rankings.

Use Blog Commenting to Increase Page Rank

How to Increase Page Rank using Blog Commenting

It’s amazing how many people do not know the principles of blog commenting. The concept of dofollow may be a fairly new concept – especially to those outside the SEO community – but if you don’t pay attention to this very important attribute, your blog commenting strategy will be for naught. It depends somewhat if you’re after traffic or better page rank, but my guess is that a lot of people are commenting for the page rank exposure, rather than the traffic (which can be slight). What other explanation can there be for the litany of people posting comments with stellar anchor text on a PR 0 blog that has nofollow for comment links? Obviously, these aspiring marketers have no idea that their links count for nothing.

So every blog commenter should devise a good strategy for commenting on blogs in order to get the most page rank value. Here are the main commenting tips:

1. Write a useful comment. Take as much time thinking about writing a comment as you’d think about writing a paragraph on your blog. A comment needs to be tailored to the post. Yes, people are desperate for comments, but vague comments get thrown out – like “Great post. I like your style.” (just wait for some smart a*s to write that comment on this post.)

2. Find a list of blogs in your niche. It’s recommended to go to a dofollow blog directory and find dofollowers in your niche. Narrow down those dofollow blogs by pinpointing the blogs with the highest page rank (in the Google toolbar, SEOQuake plugin, or other method).

3. Seek out blog posts that already have a good number of backlinks. Just because the blog’s homepage has a decent page rank doesn’t mean that every blog post will. There are cases where an internal blog post can have better rank than the homepage if that internal page gets a lot of links. Note: if it’s a new post, page rank won’t show up in a toolbar, but trackbacks will show up in the comment section. Also, the number of comments signifies its overall popularity.

4. Use Google reader or other RSS reader. This is a WAY better way to organize links than through standard browser bookmarks. Can’t recommend this enough. How many time have you gone to a browser bookmark only to find that the same frontpage post is still sitting there? Using a reader will organize posts based on their freshness. It’s easier to hop around between blog to blog to find places to comment. Really, commenting off a reader should be one of your daily marketing strategies. Whenever you find a blog with a good home page rank and dofollow comments (this is usually advertised), grab its RSS feed.

5. Subscribe to a thread when you comment. Someone might respond to you and then you can add another link and add to the discussion.

6. Look for sites that activate Commentluv, as this will add a link to an internal page. If you add Commentluv to your own site, you can choose which page to list. Otherwise, it will list your most recent post – which means after you post you should head over to your Commentluv site list and make another comment.

7. Find Top Commenter sites. Another plugin will show a blog’s top commenters (sort of irritatingly misspelled as “Top Commentators”). Often, it only takes 2 comments to make it to the list. Even sites that have nofollow enabled in comments will have dofollow for the top commenter list, so you shouldn’t always stay away from nofollow sites.

8. Make five comments a day, at least. This means you have to have a pretty big RSS feed list, because you can’t make five comments a day on the same two blogs. Over time, these comments will really build up. Added bonus: many of these comments will show up in your Technorati profile, improving your Technorati rank.

How to Get Free Backlinks - Easy Ways to get Free Backlinks

How to Get Free Backlinks - Easy Ways to get Free Backlinks

1.Submit Your Site to Google. Visit google webmaster tools, login with your google account, add your site and verify it. After verifying site, it will usually take a week for google to crawl your site. Check the diagnostics section for google’s crawling results.
2.Submit Your Site to Yahoo. Visit Yahoo to Submit Your Site. Add Your Site. Authenticate Your Site. It takes Yahoo a little longer than google to verify that you own the site, usually a day or two. After authentication it takes Yahoo another 7 days to start crawling your website.
3.Submit Your Site to MSN. Go to MSN Webmaster. Sign in with Your MSN account. Add Your site. Upload XML file provided to you by MSN to verify your site.
4.Add Your Website to Web Directories. This will help you get lots of backlinks. Backlinks increase your search engine ranking. Visit The Strongest Links which lists lots of web directories you can submit your site to. Read these common web directory submission mistakes. With many of the directories you have to dig down into their categories before you’ll see a “Submit URL” or “Submit Your Site” link.
5.Get Backlinks from Similar Sites
Step 1 - Build List of a few keywords that you think users will search for to access your site.

Step 2 - Also think of related terms and keywords that users might alternatively use when searching for your site.

Step 3 - Search google for your terms or keywords. Note url’s of those sites. Visit each one of those sites. Use Firefox SEO plugin to learn more about each site. Find contact information for each site owner. You can usually find this in the contact page. If you can’t find the contact information on the page enter the website’s url in a whois site. If you can find a phone number in the whois site, it’s best to call rather than email.

6. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarks are the sites that allow you to share sites you like with others or in other words you can maintain your bookmarks and favorites in a way that others can see it. There is a large number of social bookmarking sites on the web. Visit them and get free and easy back-link to your sites from them.


Commenting gives you a free backlink but don't take it for granted. Try to comment something related to the topic and your comment must add value to the topic. The owner of the article should not think that you haven't even read the article and you are commenting just to get a back-link. Please don't add comments like, "nice info", "great article" etc and get yourself blocked. In order to get more benefits from comments, try to find blogs or articles having same keywords as your site and then comment on them

Google Backlinks - Best & Fast Ways to Get Google Backlinks

lright, we all know that no traffic equals no business. That is why we need Google backlinks, they are like roadway signs that point to your website telling people to go there. I will be discussing three different ways to get backlinks to you website fast and easy.

1. Submit your blog to blog directories, this is an easy way to get backlinks quickly; always use a different title when you submit to blog directories or else it might be counted as duplicate content. Always use different keywords. After that, submit your blog to StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Buzz, Mixx, Reddit, etc..

2. Article marketing is another excellent easy way to get backlinks and get a spike in traffic. Be sure you include two links in your resource box (EzineArticles allows two links).

3. Post on forums and blogs related to your niche and for your name use a keyword and link back to your website or blog. Some blogs have no-follow on comments but that's still okay. If you gave a good comment, most likely people will visit your site for more info.

These are the three fast and easy ways to get Google backlinks. None of them are hard to do, just time consuming.

Best Tips On How You Can Increase Your Page Rank

Best ways to increase your PageRank

What is pagerank?
PageRank is one of numerous methods Google use to determine a page’s relevance or importance.Pagerank is based on inbound links not on the number of them but on their quality and relevance.

Some things you should know about Pagerank:
- Content updates doesn’t increase pagerank,content is not part of pagerank calculation.
- Link exchanges count much less than one way links.
- Sub-directories don’t necessarily have a lower Page Rank that root-directories but in most cases they do.
- Links marked with rel=nofollow will not pass pagerank.
- A high pagerank doesn’t mean high search engine ranking,most people think that.
- Pagerank flows within a site,so when new pages are added one or more existing pages will suffer a pagerank loss.
- Meta Tags don’t improve pagerank.

You can increase your page rank by
1. Do follow Commenting - You would commenting on do follow blogs. Some blogs require a certain amount of comments before the blog dofollow the commenter. Anytime, you drop a comment, go back to the blog and make sure your comment is do follow. If not, continue dropping comments till it is do follow.

2. Directory Submission - Submit your site to directories that have a PR. Start submitting your site with the highest PR directories you know of. If you have money, it is better to do paid submission. This shows that the directory owner doesn’t allow spam sites in the directory.

3. Link Exchange - Exchange links with sites that have a higher PR. As in biology, diffusion occurs from a region of concentration to a region of lower concentration. When you exchange with a higher PR site, the site would leak some page rank juice to you. Make sure your link is dofollow on the blog. But don’t too have hopes, the higher PR blog might lose its PR on the next update.

4. Internal Linking - If you link to your other post pages, you can pass some PR juice to the pages.

5. Submit articles with your website link to article directories.This method will give alot of backlinks and traffic.

6. Bookmark your content in dofollow social bookmarking websites. Traffic will come too!

7. Add you link in signature or profile and be active on dofollow forums.

8. Blog commenting – Probably the easiest and fastest way to get quality related backlinks

Well probably these are some of the best methods to increase your pagerank and also best ways to get traffic to your site.

If i have forgotten something please tell me and i will update this post.

Protect Yourself From USB Viruses With Ninja Pendisk

After the internet, USB devices are the favorite target of malware developers. A huge majority of modern trojan horses, worms and viruses automatically copy themselves onto USB devices and spread by misusing the autorun.inf file.

Ninja Pendisk is a portable application which sits quietly in the system tray and springs into action as soon as any USB device is inserted. It scans the USB drive for commonly virulent files like autorun.inf and ctfmon.exe and cleans it if any malware if detected. It also immunizes your pendrive from further infection by creating a folder called Autorun.inf with elevated privileges.

Ninja Pendisk is absolutely bare-bones software. There is basically no interface to speak of. All the configuration options are provided through the context menu of the system tray icon. It is completely automated and scans any device as soon as it is plugged-in. However, it doesn’t present any option to scan an already plugged in device or hard disks.

In my testing I found that the immunization aspect of Ninja Pendisk to be overly simplistic. I was able to delete the autorun.inf folder without any problem. Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine does a better job at immunization by making it almost impossible to remove the autorun.inf folder without re-formatting the USB Drive. However, it did succeed in removing all the malware from my pen drive. Ninja Pendisk does a decent job at protecting you from USB viruses, but there isn’t any reason why you would need it if you already have an antivirus software.

How to increase your Page Rank on Google - Best Tips

How to increase your PR on Google
Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google that assigns a numerical value to a website based on the under of inbound links a website has and where those links come from. The number, or page rank, determines the "value" of the website and the content of the specific page. Links from more reputable sites that already have high page ranks are seen as more valuable than links from sites with a low page rank or no page rank at all. The ranking system ranges from 0-10 with 10 being the best. There are numerous ways to manipulate the system, but I will only be discussing the reputable ways to increase your Google Page Rank.

Step 1
First, it is essential to build relationships with other web sites that fall into the same category as yours. For example, if you operate a website that sells sporting goods or sports related products, it would be a good idea to develop a relationship with some of the top sports blogs, sports news web sites, and other sites that sell sporting goods. This can be tricky, because competitors are often hesitant to help each other out so looking outside the box is key. If you have money to invest into the success of your site, you can look into creating advertisements on these sites. However, if you are looking for a cheap and effective way to get exposure for your site, link exchanges are a great way to accomplish this.

Step 2
A link exchange can be accomplished in a fairly easy and informal manner. A simple email to the webmaster or content editor of a site expressing your interest in a link exchange and how each site can benefit for the exchange is a great way to start. You may also want to mention certain areas of their website that you like because flattery can never hurt. Web sites often have contact information for the editors on either the right or left side bars or at the bottom of a website' s home page. Do not fret if your first few attempts at link exchanges fall on deaf ears. Some sites are more open to this than others, and finding sites with a good connection is the most important thing. When doing link exchanges it is very important that the inbound links come from relevant sites and not sites that have nothing in common with yours. Relevancy matters when calculating a sites Page Rank so don't link to just any old site.

Step 3
Searching the internet for sites to exchange links with can be tedious. Thankfully, there are specific sites, such as that does most of the work for you. Once you register your site with Link Partners, they automatically search through their database for other sites that are relevant to yours who are also looking for link exchange opportunities. If link exchanges don't seem to be working, then the next option is building your links passively. This is something you have little control over. Passive links occur when someone visits your site, likes what they read, and decides to post a link to your site on theirs (if they have one). If they don't have one, sometimes people will recommend your site to other sites they know of. This is why it is important to create useful and interesting content on your website.

Step 4
Remember that success does not occur over night, and it can take months to achieve even a low page rank of 1 or 2. The good news is, once you achieve a page rank others sites will start coming to you asking for link exchanges. The best way to steadily increase your page rank is to receive links from sites with a higher Page Rank than yours. Once you achieve a Rage Rank it is imperative that you do not lose it. Leaving your site dormant for an extended period of time is one of the most common ways to lose your Page Rank. Also, do not engage in the practice of buying or selling links. This is a practice that Google has been cracking down on and when they find sites who are buying and selling links they punish them by steadily decreasing their Page Rank until it is gone. Lastly, contrary to popular belief, linking to sites with a Page Rank of zero does not hurt your Page Rank, but it doesn't help it either. Linking to sites that have been banned from Google will hurt your site's Page Rank so it is always a good idea to visit and research a site before linking to it. Hopefully this helps answer some of your questions and will help you on your way to improving your site's Page Rank.

What Is DoFollow? Guide: How to Make Blogspot Blogs Dofollow?

Free Dofollow Badges
Dear friends, this is a blog notification post. I have decided to make my blog, DoFollow.

Backlinks are very important for your websites. They are like votes cast by one respectable website to another, and they will greatly increase the site’s traffic. When one gets many backlinks, one’s site’s ranking in search engine results will skyrocket. Search engines use programs called search bots or web crawlers to access and index web pages. That’s how you see websites in the search results of Google and Yahoo!.

If your site ranks high for any search terms related to the products you promote, you can get several potential customers (a very daunting task indeed). Now, in order for you to get business, you must rank high in search engines, and the most important thing that will help you in this is link building.

You should try to get links from whichever sources available. It is a tactic in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the past, when you commented in a blog, you could get a backlink, just by using this HTML code:

< a href="your link URL">your link name (anchor)

When you placed this piece of code within your comment, you used to get backlink from it. It was highly beneficial for you to rank high (especially if the blog is high PageRank).

What is NoFollow?

Soon the scenario changed. In 2005, Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam team head and Jason Shellon of Blogger brought up a new attribute in HTML codes—NOFOLLOW. Nofollow is a HTML tag added to the link anchor code, and will change the normal code as:

< a href=”your link URL” rel=”nofollow”>your link name

This is automatically done. Meaning, when you comment with the link, the NoFollow attribute will be added automatically. And the result is deep. The link will be valueless and the search crawlers would not follow them to index. So, such a link is as useless as a piece of text. Blogger blogs soon adopted this and being Google’s regulation, all or most of other search engines also adopted this.

Though this is a good scheme to prevent comment spamming, it hit the genuine commenters. They also lost so many backlinks, and a nice easy way to get them. But people started working against this. The bloggers started removing NoFollow attribute from the comments of valuable commenters. And a different attribute, DoFollow began.

Many bloggers followed suit. Today there are so many DoFollow blogs, and by commenting on these blogs, with your backlink, you can get full value on that link. You can use such blogs and comment links in them to promote your own site in search results. Soon enough, so many DoFollow search engines also started coming, which index only DoFollow blogs. You can search for a particular term, and get the related DoFollow blogs.

A DoFollow comment will be a normal comment as in the above or will have the attribute “rel=’dofollow’” instead of nofollow, as in:

< a href=”link URL” rel=”dofollow”>link name

The attribute DoFollow or no rel attribute at all means the blog link is good. Though no attribute in HTML exists as DoFollow, it means that the blog is not NoFollow, so it has the same effect of a normal backlink.

How to Make Your Blogger Blog DoFollow?

Before doing these steps, you should allow anonymous comments by going to Settings in Blogger and then Comments. You may enable or disable the moderation. You will soon know the importance of moderation, however. Here are the steps to make comments DoFollow:

1. Go to Blogger layout (in new Blogger) and click Edit HTML.

2. Check Expand Widget Templates.

3. Search for ‘NoFollow.’ You will find at least two of them in the code.

4. Remove “rel=”nofollow”” from the tag that starts with a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl

5. The second nofollow attribute is for pingback/trackback URLs (blogs that link to your post and ping it). You may or may not retain these URLs. It’s completely optional.

6. That’s it! Enjoy. Your comment’s title is now ‘DoFollow.’

In old Blogger, you can do this by editing HTML in Template tab.

By doing this in Blogger, the comment title will be made DoFollow. But the backlinks will be available only if you comment with Name and URL field enabled. The comment body links will still remain NoFollow. So, you needn’t place any link in the body, just place the required anchor text in the name field, and URL in the URL filed and comment; it will become a DoFollow backlink to your URL.

How to Make WordPress Blogs DoFollow?

As I have no idea of WordPress blogs, and have never worked with them, I am not sure if this helps or not. But you can make the WordPress blogs or self-hosted WordPress blogs DoFollow by using a simple plug-in here.

DoFollow Badges

Use one of these badges if you have a DoFollow blog yourself.
Free Dofollow Badges

I promote DoFollow blogs and very much want you too. A lot of bloggers are out there, who have great talent. If you help them by giving them a backlink, there is nothing wrong. Linking out to useful blogs will make your blog valuable as well.

But watch out for the crooks, who comment for the sake of links. Their comments would be narrow one-liners like “What a wonderful blog you have,” “A great post, keep going!” etc. I despise all such commenters, and will promptly remove their comments and backlinks. I await your comments in this blog.

Your opinions awaited…

Check Backlink Tool - Check Website Backlinks

Are you the one who care about SEO world? and do you want to rank well in some major search engine SERP for particular keywords. If you do, you must be up to date with your backlink. Not only care about the total number of backlink pointing to your blog/site, but where is it from, the characteristic; is it dofollow or nofollow, and what the anchor text of the backlink. All those stuffs is the most important factor on SEO World. So you have to pay attention if you want to improve your link building campaign.

Why Check My Backlink?
Sometimes you feel it's not neccessary to check your backlink, because Google have already make a good mathematic algorithm about it. But i suggest you to check your backlink periodically. This happens for several reason such as, Google will penalize you if you have backlink from untrusted zone/site, and also Google will penalize you if you have too many backlinks with the same anchor text on the link (example:you have a 1000 backlinks with anchored text: Make Money Online, Google will see it as a spam and Google will kick you down from SERP). Those reasons make some webmasters always check their backlinks periodically.

How to check my Backlink?
In the world of internet there are hundreds of free service offer you to check your backlink. Some good, while some not. My favourite is . It is free and accurate. Once you go there, just enter your URL on the text box provided and click Check Backlinks. You have to wait until the process of calculating the total of your backlinks finished. Once it finished, it will display you all information about your backlinks, such as the total number of backlinks you have, where it comes from, the flag (dofollow or nofollow), and also the anchor link/text.
Backlink watch

Good Luck!!

Comparing Youtube with Megavideo

Guys, if you have both accounts from Youtube and Megavideo, what could be your evaluation or feedback in viewing good quality videos? We’ll for me; I have some points in each site that to be discussed in this topic:

Youtube: It has a great Google PR with so many backlinks from other sites either do-follow or no-follow. Video marketing here in Youtube is so useful when its part of SEO strategy, because you advertise your products and services with great innovation.

Megavideo: Not so popular for me anyway, but not high Google PR. What a loser? It’s no match to Youtube because it’s popular and affiliated by Google as well. Survey shows that Yotuube has more and millions of subscribers than Megavideo.

Benefits of Dofollow Forums

If you will be asked for something, what are the real benefits for placing your links on do-follow forums? We'll for me, there are a couple of reasons why webmasters in DigitalPoint, Webmaster World and others set their forums to do-follow:

1. They're gonna help link builders to build good links with nice content (not spam), and let others be attracted to your content and they will eventually check out your signature link and click it.
2. They don't care if the site you promoted are adult, porn or steroid types, as long your links are being developed and increased backlinks are stable and will last long.

Press Release do bring traffic to Website

Aside from the article I've submitted at Ezine, I also submitted a press release content in a press release site (yet to be revealed). It's about 500+ words because press releases are just news type articles, I can submit them to multiple press release directories and there are hundreds of them. I'm sure and confident that my press release will be approved within one week or less, just like Ezine. Press releases are good in traffic because with the backlink of course, your site is relevant to the news article or the press release itself. Some people said that press releases are realy worthy and makes your backlink last longer than any other methods. This is the first time I'm doing this, and still part of my SEO plan.

Blog commenting makes you tired?

Are you doing blog comments recently, for a number of blogs? For me, this is one of the difficult and exhausting jobs I've ever known. Most webmasters are usually relying on do-follow blogs, so it's not easy for me because there are only less than 10% chance that you can find a do-follow blog. More than 90% chance are no-follow and dead links because they don't want spammers to just spam their blog and gain backlinks from their site. They would insist that spammers only destroys the image of their topic, likewise their whole blog as well. Last time, I just bought from someone at DigitalPoint on his complete list of do-follow blogs which are auto-approved, most of them are .edu and .gov websites. We can only buy do-follow blogs from the experts, but I think there's only a slight chance that we can see do-follow blogs for free.

Spam E-mails are considered SEO?

I have received so many spam e-mails as of this moment, until now...for an average of 50 to 100 in my Yahoo e-mail. That's why I have subscribed to hundreds of programs that offers free download of hundreds of digital products that are being auctioned online. I also received many e-mails to promote their HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) and income schemes that will make me possible "rich guy"? I could believe it, but I'm still not yet ready for that because most of them needs payment in order to be enrolled in the program. This is another way of doing SEO? Definitely not, this is what we call e-mail marketing. E-mail messages with links of your site will not let you generate backlinks, but only for promotional purposes and referral credits. It's not SEO what I think, because the receivers can delete and trash the e-mail anytime, and considered spamming around the corner.

Google Trends For India – Top Indian Search Queries

Google recently launched Trends for India. This tool shows top 100 queries of the day at any given time and is updated quite frequently. This tool is really helpful if you want to see what the country is searching for. Bloggers make use of this tool to write content which attracts traffic.

Click here to subscribe to Google India Trends feed.

I think one feature that this product should have is the date range to see the top queries over a period of time.

Today’s top 10 queries are:
1. star ananda
2. starananda
3. india vs srilanka
4. 24 ghanta
5. kolkata tv
6. bangla bandh
7. kolkata news
8. tcs layoff
9. tara news
10. etv bangla

Google Shows options to search other Search Engines

You need to open this image in a new tab to see it clearly !
During googling my blog QWERTYWEB i just saw this notice :

Try your search on Yahoo, Ask, AllTheWeb, Live, Lycos, Technorati, Wikipedia, Bloglines, Altavista, A9, GoodSearch

Google is driving lots of traffic and promoting search engines !

Even rival Bing and Yahoo , idonno why? Even when i googled GOOGLE , i still saw same notice.
But at any cost Google will still be the giant in cyberwworld

Spamdexing - What is it?

Spamdexing originally was the art of sticking a lot of words into a document and hoping to catch unlinkely searches no one else would look for. And example of this would be 'pokemon waffle sexy banana discount. By stuffing these into a document itself, often multiple times in different orders, guaranteeing you a large list of words, such as sexy discount and pokemon waffle.

Spamdexing has already evolved since then- and has gathered a large number of names and a lot of different topics. Long tail uses the same principle. It gets you the combination of the railing names. Typically, long tail isn't automated, and when I see it I think very differently then I do when I see it as spamdex, as portland-pianos-oregon-music reads a lot better then pokemon-waffle-sexy-banana-discount.

Now here comes the clever- using separate pages to perform long tail automatically like it would be done with spamdexing. First, what are we selling- this is a doorway/hallway site to another site. lets assume its credit repair.

so, wants traffic, but getting to the top of credit repair isn't an option with his budget. You then create a subdomain, we'll call it We then use htaccass, a database, and php to create a system of automatic pages. so, you have, so you get a database of all the cities and all the states, and you create a list of a hrefs targeting them, having the cities based on states. So, it would automatically create beaverton-oregon-credit-repair, portland-oregon-credit-repair, gresham-oregon-credit-repair, etc. These links exist and are indexed by google. Naturally, limit the amount of pages shown on any given page- maybe have a break down of each state.

These pages should be easy to seo, and could use automatically content generation, such as random paragraphs written with random state and city names thrown in. I recommend just hiring a content writer- it can be a little expensive, but its completely worth it. These pages are doorways to the main site- it may even be worth it to ahve them look similar to the original site.

So, you get this spamdex idea now- there is a problem, however. Google is aware of this trick, and while I've never heard of them being banned, if it is to blatantly automated, there will probably be a problem at some point. Do a good job. From there, you have all the keywords you needed. This is often done with affiliate companies and people who try to make a living off advertising. The really kicker is- it mostly is passive income. At worst, you update content every once and again. The fact its a throw away site means in the unlikely event you get banned, it can be hosted elsewhere. Do a good job and you won't need to worry about it.


Most people are already aware this tactic can also be done with a subdomain. But, an option that is rarly explored is just doing it with domains themselves. This is a genius, and kind of funny method I found today accidentally. This is the best spamdexing I've ever seen, honestly, and the sites are so different its astounding.

Check it out:

The list goes on. How can I tell its automated? Read the duplicate text. "Acura Of Lynnwood in Lynnwood, WA treats.."
"Acura of Bellevue in Bellevue, WA treats .."

Still not enough? 216.168.54 216.241.219 64.70.56 72.246.208

Why would they have a handful of different e-mail addresses? Each different class c has value of a link, which means they could be link farming, or even micrositing. This was a great tactic.

Google Ways to Drive Traffic

You should place a link on your site to some much popular sites like .In this way when spiders come to your site they find a reciprocal link of a famous site.(The above method is a secret for easy Seach Engine submissions.I also tried the above method & succeeded).

Then you could place your site's link and description on various discussion forums like orkut,Google groups,Yahoo groups so that new visitors come on your site.Update your site's content frequently inorder to provide fresh content to the visitors of your site so that they regularly come and visit your site.

You may try adwords in which you have to pay per click on your ads which are displayed on site with adsense.Yahoo is also offering schemes in which you get a guaranteed indexing of your blog/site in Yahoo Web Search.

Try google webmasters & Google Publisher tools in which you can check which pages are in google index,Submit your Site to Google,Control your site's traffic & much more

When you are done submit your site by clicking here

Do not join any link exchange community like Link Market as Google does not appreciate such programmes.Also do not submit your site to any web search engine more than once in a month or else they would mark you as #SPAM#.

How does Google Index Images?

Well thats an interesting question, How Does Google Index Images?
Google Maybe the most comprehensive image search provider of the web. But some webmasters don't know how to get their images indexed by Google.

Googlebot as we all know ignores images. So, how the damm it has an image search?

If your site is "Search Engine Friendly" and is a bit old, then Google must index its images too.A bit old site is required because Google dosen't update the Image Index "frequently"
If you are an impatient Webmaster, like me, Google Webmasters have an option for Enhanced Image Search. If you choose to enable enhanced image search, Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels that will improve indexing and search quality of those images

For those who don't know about Google Image Labeler.Google Image Labeler is a new feature of Google Image Search that allows you to label random images to help improve the quality of Google's image search results.

In this You'll be randomly paired with a partner who's online and using the feature. Over a 90-second period, you and your partner will be shown the same set of images and asked to provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see. When your label matches your partner's label, you'll earn some points and move on to the next image until time runs out. After time expires, you can explore the images you've seen and the websites where those images were found. And we'll show you the points you've earned throughout the session.

it is not necessary that you do a bit of "labeling" to get your images indexed.Few more tips are that you

•Make sure the page topic corresponds to the search term

•Make an image of standard size{like 800 x 600 }

•Make the image in .jpg or .gif format.{Not necesarry, but recommended }

•Use the search term in the alt attribute, the title attribute and make sure that you have included the width and height declarations

Are You Really Earning from Adsense?

The sole purpose why I am writing this blog post is because I have received many complaints from fellow bloggers that they do not earn as expected from adsense. Everyday hundreds of bloggers start off their money making expedition with a hope that after few months or years they may be earning high by participating in programs such as Google Adsense.

After few days or weeks most of them leave blogging because they do not earn even a buck. Some may be cheating by clicking on their own ads or asking others to do that or just participating in programs that gives automated clicks. Such bloggers are either “banned” immediately or when they are about to receive their earnings.

When they are banned, they leave blogging. Then, a few honest publishers are left who are literary embarrassed by their earnings even after getting traffic or page rank. Most of them also leave blogging until they are fed-up. Then a few remain who just wait for the day when they would be the next Darren Rowse.

But that’s the truth, you can’t earn living by your Adsense earnings. According to me only few would be really making something out of adsense.
Even bloggers like Peter Chen are hardly able to make out 200 $ per month which is not acceptable for a comfortable living

Tip:- First make blogging your part time job. When you realize you have got an alexa rank of below 100,000 gear up and be a full time blogger.

But all bloggers have got something in their part from where they can really earn from blogging.

-Start off with a blog.

-Post your content like a reputed teacher even though no one may be reading it!

-Submit your blog to good PR directories.

-Wait for a few months until you get assigned a decent Page Rank i.e PR

Sign up for some other earning programs {like text link ads, pay per post} once you have managed to acheive a page rank of around 3 or more, you can earn around 10 $ per sponsored post. You can do a sponsored post after every three days. That means you will earn around 40 $ in a week. Which in turn says 200 $ per month! How is that for a part time blogger. Slowly and steadily your site will get popular. More high Page rank means more $’s per post. A page rank five site can have sponsored post of upto 50 $ ! Just imagine !

Haloscan- The new blogger onsite comment form

I've been wondering around on the web to look for an service that provides script for commenting on new blogger blogs.Reason: to comment, you have to click on an external link,first sign in {if you aren't} then retype then fill in CAPTCHA {if enabled}.This is a very time consuming and irritating process.On the other hand, Wordpress blogs have on site comment forms which invites more and more readers to comment, easily.

I came across a few sites, but their scripts weren't successful.Then finally I came across that provides
•Onsite comment forms for new blogger

•Installation wizard for different blogging platforms {including both versions of blogger} so no play of code here

•Integrated support for smileys{blogger doesn't support them} and an image uploading option [even wordpress doesn't provide free image hosting for comments

•Track back Included

•Recent Comments widget

•Getting email address of the commenter!
I have just signed up but not installed it as my previous comments wouldn't be visible anymore{if I remove commenting link} is still in beta testing phase and their are many fluctuations in its Data Centers and its users are a bit annoyed with it

What I recommend is that you go with if your blog is new or doesn't have much comments.

Track Website Visitors - Website Tracking Analyzer

How do I Track Website Visitors?
If you have a website or blog, collecting data on visitors to your site is extremely important. Whether you have a business or just develop websites or blogs as a hobby, data from your visitors can be extremely helpful in tweaking and fine-tuning your site.

The more data you can collect from visitors, the more productive and effective your content, campaigns and services can be. There are many ways to track website visitors. Some of the more popular include:

•Free website tracking software
•Analytic software
•Services that track and analyze data for you.
Free Website Tracking Software
If you are one of the millions of web developers creating websites and blogs on the internet, you probably have access to cpanel. Cpanel is an open-source GUI interface that administers to your websites and blogs. Included in most cpanel software is the ability to view current and historical statistics regarding your domains.

Two programs that are included with most cpanel interfaces are Webalizer and AwStats (Advanced Web Statistics).

Webalizer is a barebones tool that keeps tracks of specific types of data and shows it graphically on the web. Data that Webalizer collects includes:

•URL- Shows the URL that was requested by the user's browser.
•Hit - Every single HTTP request that your visitor's browser submits is counted as a hit.
•Page - A visitor's request for any URL with content.
•File - Every HTTP request is considered to be a file.
•Visitor - Each specific IP address or HTTP cookie.
•Visit - Each time a visitor accesses your website.
•Host - A host is a visitor's machine running a browser. Host and IP address are sometimes used interchangeably.
•User Agent - The user agent is the web browser that a visitor uses to access your site (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc.).
While Webalizer is efficient at collecting data, it does lack specific kinds of measurements. For instance, it does not differentiate between robots and human visitors. Another disadvantage of using Webalizer is that development on the program stopped in 2002.

AwStats (Advanced Web Statistics) is another popular open source website statistics program. You can find it on most cpanel interfaces and it also works with most major server platforms. For many web developers, AwStats collects a vast amount of information including all the types of data collected by Webalizer. In addition, it can differentiate between human visitors and robots. It can also collect information on which countries visitors come from, bandwidth usage, top 25 users, the duration of time visitors spent on your site, most popular pages, computer operating systems used, the URL address from which visitors arrived, search keywords and key phrases that visitors used, etc. For the small-to-midsize web developer, AwStats is a powerful program that is fully featured.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free statistics and analytical program used mainly by web developers as part of the Google AdSense network. However, it also provides useful information on many other aspects of web traffic and website marketing. While Google Analytics is an excellent tool for smaller developers that monetize their site with Google advertising, many web developers might find it easier to track web traffic with the other programs mentioned above.

Fee-Based Analytic and Statistical Software
If you have an e-commerce business or would like to have access to comprehensive, real-time data regarding your websites, you should probably look into fee-based analytic and statistical software. While these programs are fee-based, they are in most cases well worth the investment. They can give you a variety of tools to delve deep into your web traffic.
Using the many fee-based software products available, you can easily view and analyze visitors to your site and their behavior to help build a more effective website or product. Other services provided by these software products usually include fraud analysis, which can red flag traffic that may be fraudulent, and the ability to track advertising campaigns, with special emphasis on click-through rate and ROI (return of investment). Fee-based software also offers technical support and user forums to get the most out of the product.

Services that Track and Analyze Data
Many web developers can go one step further and pay for services that track and analyze data. Usually these services are run by search engine optimizers (SEOs) or marketing companies. Most are geared towards medium-to-large businesses on the web. These services are usually more expensive than fee-based products, but for many enterprises, they are the most effective choice.

How to get Traffic to your Website with Twitter

Simple ways to get Traffic to your blog with Twitter
I’ve been playing around with Twitter for some time and I think Twitter is the next big thing online after Facebook. There is lots of information online regarding methods to make full use of Twitter for advertising, marketing and making money. It is true that Twitter has big potential but what I’m looking for is a simple proper way to use it for a long term basis. Ways that can help promote my blog and gives quality values to my followers. Here’s what I’m going to do with my Twitter.

Provide useful tips for my followers. It’s not just about tips on money making opportunity, but I’ll be more focus on advice, Quotes, phrase and thoughts to improve our life. Topics that I feel important to our daily life for example love, work, relationship and many more. It’s going to be more a less like the book “The Secret”, giving out positive thinking as well.
Produce a good image with tweeter. I hate it when people uses twitter to spam for sales every single minute. I don’t suppose you like to see the whole page of your twitter fill with the same person tweets with different sales page. We are supposed to build good image and identity with twitter. If people hate what you tweet, I don’t suppose they will like what you blog.
Check and answer your Direct Messages. If it’s not spam, please reply to the direct messages. Twitter is considered as a social network. You just have to treat it just like Mybloglog or Facebook. You still need to interact with those that come in contact with you. People will listen to you when you listen to them.

Easy Ways to Get Traffic - Simple Ways To Get Traffic to Your Website for Free!

The Fastest Way to Build Traffic for Your New Website
Almost all the web publishers are looking for methods or tips or tricks to get traffic i.e targeted visitors for their website. Before getting the traffic, web publishers should check the website whether it's easy for navigation, etc. Check the website so that there is no 404 page not found. Now, here are my easy ways to get traffic.

1. Keep your site in Gtalk or yahoo messenger status.
2. Include your website in your mail signature and also in forums, blogs where you post regularly. (Proved way of getting traffic)
3. You can text your site to your friends if it useful. This can get lot of visitors if it really useful but do not over do it.
4. Writing a book on what you know like ways to get traffic, or some thing known to you and include your website in header and footer.
5. Here's a nice little exercise, go back over the last week, and count the number of blogs that have linked to yours. Now go back to your blog and count the number of blogs that YOU have linked to over the same time-frame. Are more bloggers linking to you, or are you linking more to others? Get in the habit of looking for outstanding content that you can bring to the attention of your readers via links. This not only means you will be creating better content on your blog, but you will be bringing your blog to the attention of other bloggers. Which means they will be more likely to link to you rblog in the future. Which of course means more traffic for you!

These are really easy ways to get traffic, apart from these simple tricks you can advertise your site for low cost too /writing in twitter/ submitting to social bookmarking sites.

Top Alternatives to Google Adsense

Best Advetisement Company for Websites - Alternatives to Google AdSense?
Many webmaster use Google adsense as prime advertisement media to show ads. There are many such publishers programs which give ads to the webpublishers and act as alternative to google adsense (10$ paypal minimum payout) 10000 pageviews/month 5000 unique visitors perday

Some people get banned by google adsense either for illegal content or invalid click activity, they may try the above said publisher programs. We don’t encourage publishers who do such things or black hat methods to improve their traffic. Do not do any things against Google TOS, they will ban you sooner or later.

Steps to Prevent Google Account Termination

How can a Google Blogger Account get terminated without any notice.The main reason for that will be the violation of Terms of Service of Google Blogger.

There are a number of ways how you can prevent the account termination.

This can be the most appropriate reason that will let you loose your account.Spamming can mean anything that donot owe to the regular means.
Creating tens of posts a day may be called a spam.Posting Java Scripts at the comments section comes under spam.
If you are an Adsense Publisher,getting huge earnings and page impressions for a newly created blog is another cause of the scene.

Illegal Content:
Quite often,the Blogger team as well as the Adsense Team will be reviewing the blogs of the adsense publishers.If by any means,you are promoting illegal and pirated content and by unluck if they do notice about the thing,you are sure about getting into trouble.

Can Guruji Ads be Indian Google Adsense Advertisements ?

Well after launching Guruji Music Search Engine in August 2008, Guruji took one more step ahead and introduced Guruji Ads.

Guruji Ad network for Publishers is known as AdGuru and for Advertisers, it is called AdYantra.

Guruji Ads when compared to Google Ads are somewhat similar. The textual ads are not site targeted in many cases, while the image advertisements will give same look as Adsense.

Even one can use Google Adsense along with Guruji Ads. uses Google Ads + Guruji Ads on their search engines

Coming to the ads performance, the click through rate (CTR) is poor. Some times with a good ad impressions[ad views] we can get some amount without any clicks. And some times even with clicks, there is no earnings !!

I was getting around Rs.0.8 to Rs.1.5 per click withe few ad views. I got a maximum of Rs.10 in one day with 8 K ad views and just 1 click. So regarding the PPC it depends on your blog readership and its traffic stats.

Guruji Ads

There is no indication of minimum payout at the AdGuru Publisher site. But the minimum payment is considered to be Rs 2500 /- for Indians and $250 for non-Indians and the payment method is by cheque. There is no option provided to choose the minimum payout and payment method. For Indians, you need PAN to get your payments.

So far I have made nearly Rs. 396 /- from AdGuru. And it may take some more time for me to get a pay cheque from Guruji.

One thing that needs to be pointed is that even Guruji is not promoting its Ads(AdGuru) in a full fledged manner. They are using Google Ads along with Guriji Ads as Sponsored Links. They can use Guruji Ads alone for promotion.

A Google Adsense disabled publisher will surely look for other alternatives and surely Guruji’s AdGuru is one for them.

On the whole it will take a lot of time for AdGuru to become as popular as Adsense since it is beta state. Hope Guruji will become Indian Google Adsense in the future !!

Links: Guruji Ads

Fastest and Free Method to Download Music for Music lovers

Ever tried to search for your favorite song? When you search for your favorite music, it is much harder to find. Even if you find it it's much harder to find the free download link. And finally, even if you got the download link, its either broken or slow downloading link.

 Today I have something handy website for you to download free music. Its much faster to search your music, shows results immediately, Gives the direct links of songs, and BEST of all, you can listen right away before you download it! is the site that takes mp3 searching to the generation next.

It makes mp3 searching extremely fast and easy.

This is a worth site to share to all music lovers.


All you have to do is to put in the song's name (it would be better if you include the artist's name also for accurate results) and hit Search Music button. And on the very next page it shows all the "Direct links" of the song you searched for.

At an amazing searching speed it shows almost all the direct links of the song from nearly all mp3 sites out there!


You not only can download the song, but listen it online while downloading or before you save it.

You can Send the link to your friends via email or even share it on social bookmarking sites. But remember, sharing doesn't allow you to share the song's direct link, instead it sends the page's link.

And one little helpful feature of this site is that, you can add search capabilities to your browser toolbar.

Just click the respective buttons, in the bottom of the home page (encircled in first screenshot above) for your browser.

If you are using Google Toolbar, then you can add dilandau search button.

Download Dilandau Search Module


Searching directly from your toolbar is more convenient, that's why this toolbar module for searching is most prefered.


Hope this post was useful for all the music lovers.

Search the profile/people using their Email Address

Ever wanted to know more about the person you are chatting with? Beware, internet is not being safe now a days. You must know the background of that person before being familiar with them. You must never share your personal information to them. Not only to them, but also to the web site forms.

Never fill up the form randomly without knowing about the website. If you want your email address to be private then you must be aware about sharing your personal information like your home address, telephone number, etc.

Why? Because, not only Google but everyone is watching you. Google is the best method to search everything about your email address and username. But If you really want to know about ther person's email address then I have a good website for you.

I am talking about,

The snapshot above defines it all. You can search his/her phone number, username, Email, Name, etc.

So if ever chatting or communicating with anonymous person then better use this people search engine before you get yourself in trouble.

Top Mistakes that Bloggers Tend to Make Over and Over Again

There are some usability mistakes that bloggers tend to make over and over again. We will list them here, so that you can use it as a checklist.

1. No search box : Internet users resort to the search box whenever they need to find something specific. Some people even use search to navigate around websites. If you don't have a (visible) search box on your site, those users will get very frustrated.

2. No archives : It is essential to have a page where the visitor can browser through all your posts. Apart from improving the user experience, this page will also be healthy for your search engine optimization, as it works as a sitemap.

3. No contact page : It is very annoying for visitors if they have something to tell you and can't find a way to get in touch. Secondly, you risk losing valuable feedback if that is the case.

4. Complex navigation : Try to make your navigation structure as simple as possible. This involves using a main navigation bar, having a link back to the homepage on all internal pages, avoiding drop-down menus and so on.

5. Bad typography : If people can't read your content comfortably they will just head somewhere else. Make sure that your font is big enough, that the letter and line spacing is adequate, that you have enough white space surrounding the content and so on.

6. Invisible links : Hyperlinks are cornerstones of web navigation, and they should always be easily recognizable. Try to make your hyperlinks underlined. If you don't like that, at least make sure that their color stands out and that users won't get confused regarding what is clickable and what is not.

7. Too many ads : Many bloggers tend to assume that in order to make money blogging they need to jam ads all over their sites. This is not true. To make money blogging you need to have quality traffic, and too many ads will reduce your quality traffic over the long term. Start with as few ads as possible, and move your way up consciously, always putting your visitors' experie nce first.

8. Badges, buttons and widgets : This is another very common mistake. Since it is so easy to add badges, buttons and widgets, many bloggers fill their sidebars completely with them. Most of those items, however, won't add much value to your visitors, while cluttering your design and possibly driving traffic away from your site.

Get AdSense high paying ads on your Website

In this article I will try to explain some technics how to acquire AdSense high paying ads to your website. The most important factor is obviously going to be your content. Google’s spiders will check your website about every two weeks. This time may vary as to how regularly you update your content. And try to realize that Google’s spiders can’t read images, flash or anything that is not text.

Keep the title and headlines relevant
The most important factor are your titles and URLs.
Finding the right keywords won’t just make your ads relevant, it will also help you to get the ones that pay the most. You can find many tools on web that can help you determine how much people are prepared to pay for defined keywords. Some of them are,,

Keywords Density
You’ll need the right amount of keywords to get the right ads. How many? You’ll have to experiment. Don’t put it to many, because Google could think you’re trying to spam it. If you find that your ads are missing the point of your website you could try to mention your keywords more often.

Keywords Placement
If you place keywords on particular place on your website you can have some effect on your ads. The best effect on your ads is if you place your keywords directly beneath the ads.

Section Targeting
One of the reasons that your website doesn’t receive relevant ads may be that navigation and other non-content words affect the way Google’s spiders gathers information. The most effective way to ensure spiders read the right keywords is to use Section Targeting. You have to insert some lines of code which will show spiders where to search for your keywords.

<-- google_ad_section_start -->

Section text

<-- google_ad_section_end -->

The section that is between this two lines of code will be more important than the rest of the content. If you want to tell spiders to ignore section of content, just put that content between these two lines.

<-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

Section text

<-- google_ad_section_end -->

You can use as many sections as you want to target your content, but you can’t use it to highlight single keywords.

Metatags won’t have large affect on your ads. But don’t leave them out. They are use for google to index your page.

Google Ads Preview
If you don’t want to wait for spiders to research your website, which could take some time, you can preview which ads you’ll likely receive here at There is no guarantee you’ll receive these ads but it’s highly probable.

Now you know how you can affect Google’s AdSense ads. And you should use this technics because the result of bad keyword placement and density are public service ads. Google will place them instead normaly or high paying ads if he doesn’t find any relevant ads to give you. The most important thing you should know is that if user clicks on your public service ads, you won’t get paid. If you want to know how to get rid of these kind of ads stay tunned, I will describe how you can get rid of them in one of my next articles.

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