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What Is Google Caffeine? New Version of Google Search Is Launching Soon

Google Caffeine is an "under the hood" development in the Google search engine algorithm that will augment (slightly) how sites rank on Google's search engine results pages (SERP). The addition of Google Caffeine means that your current website search engine optimization (SEO) may become less effective and you may lose or gain position in search engine results for certain keywords. Google Caffeine is not yet integrated into the standard algorithm, but you can observe where your website and other websites stand in 'Caffeine-induced' results by visiting the Google Caffeine test site,

Google "Caffeine", the new search engine improves the index size, the speed of the queries and most importantly, changes the value of search engine rankings.

In a post on Webmaster Central Blog, Google notified the world that the next Google search engine was ready for testing.

My first impressions about Google "Caffeine" has been pretty…

Is Google Changing the PageRank Algorithm?

Has Google Changed it's PageRank Algorithm?
The latest news around the blogosphere is that Google PageRanks of large sites have been hurt. Sites penalised are as follows:
Here is a list that I gathered with big blogs that supposedly lost PR on this issue:

■Engadget (from 7 to 5)
■AutoBlog (from 6 to 4)
■Problogger (from 6 to 4)
■Copyblogger (from 6 to 4)
■Search Engine Journal (from 7 to 4)
■Quick Online Tips (from 6 to 3)
■Search Engine Roundtable (from 7 to 4)
■Blog Herald (from 6 to 4)
■Weblog Tools Collection (from 6 to 4)
■JohnTP (from 6 to 4)
■Coolest Gadgets (from 5 to 3)
Update: It looks like mainstream websites that were selling links were also penalized:

■Washington Post (from 7 to 5)
■Washington Times (from 6 to 4)
■Charlotte Observer (from 6 to 4)
■ (from 7 to 5)
■ (from 7 to 5)
■Sun Times (from 7 to 5)
■New Scientist (from 7 to 5)
■Seattle Times (from 6 to 4)

Andy Beard thought the drop was because of text selling which was reported about a week or so ago. This turns out…

Link Building to Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic
Do you offer free promotions and monthly contests for new members? No matter how many bells & whistles your site has, all of this is virtually worthless if you cannot drive traffic to your website. Building links to your website is one of the smartest things a webmaster can do to establish a solid web presence. You will have direct traffic as a result of people clicking on the links, and indirect traffic from partner sites with higher rankings at the major search engines.

As you might already know, Google uses a system called link popularity and link reputation to determine a site's relevance and position in the search rankings. The mantra stands: the more links you have leading to you on other web pages, the higher your site’s ranking. Link reputation, on the other hand, means how important the incoming links are to your webpage. If you have your website link at a Professional Dog Trade Show site with 200,000 monthly visitors, you will have a hig…

Google Caffeine: Google's New Search Engine Index

Is Google Caffeine Faster?
Microsoft has recently unveiled their new search engine, Bing. And with the recent announcement that Microsoft's Bing is going to soon power the Yahoo organic search results, Google needed to do something to keep their market share of search.

Google has unveiled a new test version of their search engine, which is being called "Caffeine". This is being touted as the "next generation of search".

Google's Matt Cutts said, on the Google Webmaster Central blog that they're very interested in feedback:

"Right now, we only want feedback on the differences between Google's current search results and our new system. We're also interested in higher-level feedback ("These types of sites seem to rank better or worse in the new system") in addition to "This specific site should or shouldn't rank for this query." Engineers will be reading the feedback, but we won't have the cycles to send replies."

Lesser Known Method of Blog Promotion

Days ago, when i do walked by on Blogcatalog to find some good news and also to promote my blog. I found this useful thread. It's all about a lesser known method of Blog Promotion. If you interested, read it now!

Written by BlogBadly, taken from one of his discussion on Blog Catalog (with necessary edit):

Whenever someone makes a "SEVEN EASY TIPS FOR BLOG PROMOTION/PR INCREASE" post anywhere, I rarely see adding your posts to blog carnivals.
Blog carnivals are usually held by one blog. In them, the owner reads submissions and decides which ones to put in a post about the carnival. About 5-10 entries are picked for each post. The owners of the carnivals generally don't expect a post back to them - maybe just a trackback - so it's basically a free link to your blog. It can attract readers too. It's not spammy, too, as all of the posts are related in the same category (business, satire, family, pets, etc.)
It's really easy to do: just go to, s…

Nofollow Links - Advantages & Disadvantages

Nofollow Links - The Good side and the Bad side
Blog commenting is one of the best way of getting backlinks to our sites/blog. And if you frequently gather backlink by that way (blog commenting) you must be familiar with Dofollow or nofollow links attribute. You may be wonder why the webmasters (Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen) design nofollow attributes, because all we know is nofollow link attributes doesn't give our page any reputation (such as PR calculation). But recently i found why nofollow link attributes is so damn important for both web owner or the webmasters who want to gather backlinks from it.

:: Good side / Advantages

1.It prevents comment spamming.
Remember that most of people who want to gather link juice, always do it by leaving poor quality comment(s) to blog which use dofollow attributes, they think it is wasting time to leave a comment on nofollow blog. So, nofollow blog have smaller chance to receive comment spam.
2.You don't want to pass reputation on to a web…

Why Working From Home is Nothing New | Work From Home

Working From Home is Nothing New

Working from home is a whole new way of working — a revolution in industry, in society, in the way we live. Or is it? While making a living by sitting in a café with a frappucino and a two-way link to the cloud might be something your parents never dreamed of doing, the idea that you can ignore the corporate world and earn from home is actually about as modern as iron horseshoes and knitting needles. In fact, not only are today’s home-based tech workers more traditional than the average cubicle drone, they actually have a long way to go before their numbers come close to those of the good old days despite recent trends.

According to the US Census Office, the number of people who work at home more than two days a week increased between 1980 and 1990 by 56 percent from 2.2 million to 3.4 million.That’s a remarkable rise and one made all the more impressive by happening before the expansion of the Internet. In the decade following 1990, as communications i…

Which URL Shortening Service is Best to Use

URL Shortening Services/ Top 10 URL Shortening Services
URL shortening services have taken strong root in the internet community. It seems that there is a lot of bias in which URL shortening service is the weapon of choice. For instance- Twitter users commonly use TinyUrl for their shortening needs. But TinyUrl is far from being the only URL shortening service out there. In fact, each service has its own very special service to offer; so don’t take sides just yet.
Doiop brings something interesting to the table: you can pick your own URL. Unlike many other services that pick a random URL for you, this feature will let you remember the shortened URL. If you’ve ever tried to remember URLs of other services- you know what we mean.
SnipURL has the ability to change the URL to something more memorable- a big plus. What we liked about SnipURL was the fact that it provides traffic statistics on the newly created URL. A private key can also be created to limit access to the U…

First space hotel to open by 2012‎

A private space tourism company, Galactic Suite Limited, has announced that they will be opening the first space hotel in 2012

The company is offering a three-night stay for 3 million euros ($4.4 million).

The zero-g resort will orbit the Earth at 30,000 mph, completely circling the planet once every 80 minutes, while offering visitors 15 sunrises per day.

Galactic Suite plans to transport its travelers to space via Russian rockets from a spaceport to be built on a Caribbean island.

The trip to the hotel will take one day and a half and guests will undergo an eight-week training course in the Caribbean prior to launch.

Currently, the GS Project is still in design phase. The project consists of the spaceport, the ship, and the orbiting space resort.

The hotel is expected to be constructed of connecting pods around a central hub. Each pod will be able to hold four guests and two astronaut-pilots.

Galactic Suite CEO Xavier Claramunt, says “an anonymous billionaire space enthusiast” has grant…

Top 6 Ways How to Check Your Website Backlinks

How to Check Websites Backlinks / Check PR / Check Internal Pagerank / PR Checking tools

1. Google Webmaster Console ( absolute leader for checking backlinks. Webmaster console is probably the most accurate source for backlink checking. The big downside is that you can only check backlinks for your own websites. Also, some people say that its yet another way for Google how to get more information about your site - if you are doing something dodgy, be careful.

2. Yahoo SiteExplorer ( if you don't have access to the webmaster console then Yahoo is your tool. Its not as accurate as GWC but still good enough. You can see up to 1000 backlinks for every domain but results include nofollow links as well. You can also export backlinks to TSV file (like CSV but separated with tabs), but only a current page.

3. Google Allinanchor command - This is not very known trick. Using allinanchor command with your website name you c…

What Is PageRank Leakage? Is Your Website Leaking PageRank?

What Is PR Leakage? Is Your Website Leaking PR?

Improving and maintaining PageRank is a top priority for webmasters because it affects how much traffic a website will receive from Google. But what many webmasters do not realize is that their websites are leaking PageRank, causing their overall site-wide PageRank to be lower than it should be.

What Is PageRank Leakage?
PageRank leakage is when outbound links to external websites give away pagerank that could be better distributed among pages within the website. The effect of pagerank leakage is most profound when a website has many links to external sites, and when internal pages are not well linked.

How To Prevent PageRank Leakage
There are two main ways to prevent PageRank leakage:

1. Eliminate many outbound links
Many websites and blogs have footers and sidebars which contain outbound links. The footer, for example, might contain links to the company that developed the website or to the content management system on which it was built. And …

How To Install CommentLuv On Your Blogspot Blog

How To Enable CommentLuv Pugin On Blogspot Blog

I took the skeleton insructions from here for easier reference and cross navigation for you. You can have better guidelines on what to do to install CommentLuv on your blog by seeing instructions there, and switch here if you want more detailed explanations..

The first thing to remember is, CommentLuv is a Java-based script, and thus you have to allow Javascript to run on your browser. Don't be like me, activating NoScript on my Firefox and was wondering why CommentLuv didn't work. :P My instructions, once again, is a modified version of instructions posted on This instructions have been tested thoroughly and confirmed working. I recommend you to follow these instructions step by step so there won't be any mistakes happened.

Step 1
Register your site and verify it
This is a simple process. Don't tell me you don't know how to register a new account on a website.... -.- Go here->…

How to check Pagerank of Internal Pages of a Website

How to check Pagerank for all internal pages of your site
Check PageRank on Internal Pages with Internalrank : This is a Free Online PR Checker Tool and you don't have to download it.
With the latest Google PR update some sites were penalized and some got higher PR. I am curious to know what other pages in my blog got PR. There is an easy way to do this, Internalrank will tell you the pagerank of your site’s internal pages

Huge Top Rated Do Follow Blog List

Best Do Follow Blog/Blogspot List

Dofollow blogs list that I post here will benefit your ranking in Google SERP, that’s for sure! Because of Google ranks a blog or a page based on how many links point to it, especially the more relevant links point to yours, the better. Beside, many people love to drop comments for an informative and interesting posts they read, whether they are dofollow or nofollow blogs. As a blogger, we can value our readers with many ways, one of which is by removing nofollow tag from our theme/template, thus every link of our readers dropped in comment form will be crawled by Google and followed.
Therefore, I’d like to share a list of very and very huge dofollow blog list I found from PR Guide and here is the dofollow list blogs:

Huge Top Rated Do Follow Blog List

Best Do Follow Blog/Blogspot List

Dofollow blogs list that I post here will benefit your ranking in Google SERP, that’s for sure! Because of Google ranks a blog or a page based on how many links point to it, especially the more relevant links point to yours, the better. Beside, many people love to drop comments for an informative and interesting posts they read, whether they are dofollow or nofollow blogs. As a blogger, we can value our readers with many ways, one of which is by removing nofollow tag from our theme/template, thus every link of our readers dropped in comment form will be crawled by Google and followed.
Therefore, I’d like to share a list of very and very huge dofollow blog list I found from PR Guide and here is the dofollow list blogs:

Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords
Here is a list of free best top paying keywords for google adsense. Rates given here is the average for top three postion. The high paying keywords provided here is just for keyword research and analysis purpose. We are not affiliated with google or google adsense in anyway.

Please note that the rates given are what publishers pay google for top spots on google search results page. Rates for partner sites will be much lesser. Also google takes a good cut before passing it to the publisher. However the rates are true indicators for the earning potential for any niche.

I hope the information will be useful for webmasters doing keyword research for adsense and adwords. I have tried to include all possible high paying niches. This data can be used to create a MFA spam site :) or as basic info for something useful! Enjoy the list of highest paying keywords!

austin dwi $66.89
austin dwi attorney $58.30
san diego dui attorney $54.56

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking Site List
Below is a list of social bookmarking sites. There are literally thousands of bookmarking sites on the internet as of 2008 and new ones being created every day. This is not necessarily a 'Top 50' list of social bookmarking sites but by visiting a few of these you can get a better idea of how social bookmarking works. A typical social bookmarking service or SEO may add your site to any or all of the bookmarking sites on this list.
A World Of Help



















Live (Microsoft)



Online Social Bookmarking















Web Feeds



Yahoo! MyWeb2


List of PR9, PR8 and PR7 Websites

Being webmaster I created a list of useful websites for the purpose of SEO. Check out these PR9, PR8 and PR7 Websites..

List of PR9 sites

How to Increase my Alexa Rank?

Easy way to Boost up your Alexa Rank/ Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank

Most of the webmaster like to grab a high position in Alexa Rankings. Well if you don’t know what Alexa is then i will give a brief explanation on it. offers a search engine, a directory and a toolbar (among other services). It also has a resource called Alexa Traffic Rankings (Input your sites URL in Find sites About: box at the top when you get to, which is what we are focusing on when we study AlexaRank. Input your sites URL in Find sites column and Alexa will spit out the current ranking data for that site.

Alexa rank is completely depend on your traffic(No.of.Visitors). Though there are other ways which can be helpful to improve your alexa ranking.

But One of them is by using Alexa toolbar.

Alexa Rank has more or less depend on traffic and people surf your website using Alexa toolbar.

Alexa Toolbar collects all the usage data and it plays a vital role to rank websites, and it’s a nice advi…

Does Blog Commenting help SEO?

One old SEO technique that I still see is that of blog commenting.

Years ago, it was an easy way to generate links to your website. All you had to do was leave a comment on a blog and either add your website to the comment or populate the URL field. Either way, you’d get a nice link to your website. It didn’t require much effort and over a few weeks you could add hundreds of links to your website from hundreds of different websites.

Naturally, the more people did this the more out of control it got. People were leaving comments such as ‘Great post!’ and then dropping a link to their website. Or they were putting their name down as ‘Cheap Car Insurance’ so that they’d get nice keyword rich anchor text as well as a link.

Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t really work anymore.

For a start, most blog owners are pretty wise to people commenting on their blogs and if they see anything that looks remotely spammy then it gets deleted. Also, the majority of blogs are configured so that all link…